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Between the greys: An iPhone camera and my life during the pandemic (Part 2)

With a full world-wide pandemic underway, many of us started to find alternatives for release, relaxation and connectivity. I'm lucky in that I'm an amateur radio operator (HAM radio) and can easily connect and chat with other HAMs in my community and overseas.

It was a stunning late summer/early fall day when my friend, Bruce (VA7SGY), invited me to a large open park in Surrey. We listened and chatted with a few folks in different places around the world. His HF radio go-kit was portable and easy to set up and take down. There were a few laughs and shared stories. An amazing moment of moments - humanity during a lingering pandemic.

What became clear in the fall of 2020 was the knowledge that no one knew when things would return to normal. What is normal?

While I couldn't go to the local pool, which used to be my Saturday escape, I found alternatives. HAM radio, walking, photography - all were pandemic friendly. At home there were new procedures that became part of daily life. Jars for the three of us filled with our masks. Some of these masks became art and sewing projects for my wife and son.

There was beauty in all of this...because we chose to find it.

Life continued - an election was called in British Columbia that barely caught the interest of the public, let alone the media. This was my 9th provincial election as a journalist...the only one that lacked major turning points or platforms.

By Christmas, we found ways to adapt to events and still celebrate. My son joined my father-in-law in our annual Christmas tree harvest. Sadly, we would learn the pandemic had a hand in making this the last time a tree would be cut at this lot. The owners retired.

An unclear future with only one certainty - we can't be certain of anything.

We learned that calendar timelines don't matter. Expert guidance seemed increasingly unclear. And yet life continued on...and still does.

My son celebrated his 11th Birthday via Netflix party. His friends joined with a group call, watching a movie together in their own homes on their own devices. This after we dropped off popcorn and goody bags at their homes. It worked.

Life has its amazing moments...even during a pandemic. Many of them are found in the greys.


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